In celebration of the anniversary and apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Alice Echo News Journal

Nearly 500 years ago in central Mexico, “La Virgen Morena” (“the brown-skinned Virgin”) appeared to a native man who received the name Juan Diego at baptism, leaving her miraculous image imprinted on his garment.

In the image, she appears to be a young woman of mixed race, a mestiza, of the native people and their Spanish conquerors, yet her raiment serves as a codex that reveals her true identity. She is not only the Dios Inantzin (Mother of God), but also Tonantzin (Our Mother). In her own words, she is the mother of “all those who live united in this land” and desires to alleviate the “sufferings, necessities, and misfortunes” of all people. While timeless, her messages are particularly relevant today.

Our Lady of Guadalupe will include original artwork from artists Santa Barraza, Liliana Wilson, Jenifer Hartsfield, Nola Guajardo, Mark Clark, Sam Coronado, Felicia Morin, Adriana Pérez, Tina Salinas, Gary Balluck, Nora Verdin, Jonathan Rebollozo, and others.

The public is invited to attend the opening reception for the exhibition on Sat., Dec. 5 at 407 S. 5th Street in Kingsville from 6-9 p.m., free of charge.

The event will adhere to all recommended social distancing measures.

For those unable to attend the opening reception, the artwork will be on display at Barraza Fine Art through January 30, 2021, and can also be seen digitally on the Barraza Fine Art Facebook page and at

Photograph Of Miraculous Image Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe On A Rock 2006 Giclee Print Mounted On Board 12x18 Gilbert And Berta Flores