South Texas tattoo artist Daniel Moreno finds new inspiration in Alice with murals

Robin Bradshaw
Alice Echo News Journal
Tattoo and Mural Artist Daniel "Banner" Moreno

Daniel Moreno, or as his friends call him Banner, painted on canvas for the first time a year ago. An artist at heart, Moreno has been a successful tattoo artist in the Alice area for over 13 years. Like many artists, the need to express creativity is like breathing air. 

In true creative inspiration, Moreno decided to create something he had never done before and tried his talent as a mural artist. His first attempt was last December when Walmart hosted a contest for local artists to submit their work. Moreno won the contest. His first try, and the mural is now located at the entryway in the Alice Walmart.

The first mural design by Daniel "Banner Moreno located in the Walmart in Alice.

"Being in the tattoo business during the (coronavirus) pandemic has created challenges this year," Moreno said. "In March, when tattoo businesses closed down, I decided I needed to stay busy. Idle time is the devil's playground." 

Since March, Moreno has accomplished four sign art pieces - two at the Boys and Girls Club of Alice, one at Happy Daze, and one at Collins Cemetery - all free of charge.

"I wanted to do something for the community, so I donated my art and to get my name out there," Moreno said.

Daniel "Banner" Moreno's Mural at Wedding Lace Bridal Shop in downtown Alice

He now has accomplished the large wall mural at the Alice and Wonderland's Food Truck Park on West Front Street.  His latest mural is expected to be finished in the next few weeks at the Wedding Lace Bridal Shop in downtown Alice on the corner of Main Street and South Reynolds.  

Daniel Moreno Welcome Art Sign located at the Boys and Girls Club in Alice

"When I saw his work at the food truck park, I knew he was the real deal and I wanted him to do the mural for our business," said Renee Pedraza, owner of Wedding Lace. "We as business owners are trying to beautify downtown Alice and support local art and creativity locally." 

Mural Art at the Alice in Wonderland Food Truck Park in Alice by local artist Daniel "Banner" Moreno

Moreno who was born and raised in Alice found an entirely new passion amidst the chaos of difficult times and decided to stay creative and authentic to who he is.

"Growing up everyone would say get a real job. You'll never be an artist, but I stuck to my guns and stayed true to me and no one says that to me anymore," Moreno said. "I am not sure where this mural work will take me, but for now, I am really enjoying it and I hope to light up Alice with my work." 

Sign art by Daniel "Banner" Moreno at the Collins Cemetery in Alice, Texas