Mourning the loss of Sgt. Harper

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office and the family of Sgt. Aubrey Harper are mourning the loss of a dedicated and honest man.

Sgt. Harper passed away Wednesday evening. According to Sheriff Daniel Bueno, Sgt. Harper passed away during a medical procedure.

Sgt. Harper had an incredible career and spent more than 37 years in law enforcement serving Nueces, Live Oak, and Jim Wells Counties, according to the JWC Sheriff's Office.

He worked in all aspects of law enforcement including patrol, narcotics, investigations, civil process and more recently, cattle and ranch theft cases.

Sgt. Harper started with the JWC Sheriff’s Office in 1995 and spent more than half of his law enforcement career with the department with one goal in mind - to protect and serve the community.

He was a graduate of Banquete High School in 1957 and served in the Army National Guard. He was honorably discharged on Aug. 28, 1965. Everyone that knew him close would call him Harper. He was known by many of the ranchers and cattle owners in JWC as he served the community for almost three decades.

Sgt. Harper loved his children and his wife, Karen.

Sgt. Audrey Harper passed away on Wednesday, Nov. 11.