Remembering loved ones on All Souls Day

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

"Till death do us part and then some," said Annabelle Lopez Garcia as she visited her late husband on All Souls Day at the Alice Cemetery.

Garcia went to visit her late husband, Gildardo "Gil" Garcia's final resting place on Monday afternoon hoping that she wasn't late. She wanted a priest to pray for Gil who passed away after 48 years of marriage.

Annabelle and Gil met in high school when he was a senior and she was a sophomore. They got married before he went off to war. When Gil came home from the war, they had a family and loved each other until September of 2015 when he suffered a heart attack, Annabelle said.

"We had just had breakfast and he sent me out to do things," she said. "When I came back he was (gone). I don't question God. He does things for a reason."

All Souls Day is celebrated across the nation and is a time to pray for loved ones who passed away. Relatives of the deceased visit cemeteries with priests to pray over graves. They bring food and flowers and always spend some time at the site.

Annabelle visits her husband as often as she can. 

"I was running late today, but God always has a plan. He knows what he's doing," Annabelle said. "I get here and here is the priest. He prayed such as sweet and wonderful prayer for my husband."

Annabelle  Lopez Garcia and Father Balaswamy Pasala pray for Annabelle's husband Gil for All Souls Day. Gil Passed away in September of 2015.
After the blessing for Gil's grave site, his wife, Annabelle Lopez Garcia, arranged new flowers on his headstone.