Family looks forward to their new home

Melissa Cantu Trevino
Alice Echo News Journal

Home is one where your loved one's are gathered and where memories are made.

For the Ramos this is more than a statement. After moving themselves and their two children, they wanted to settle down in one place.

"Our kids have been moved back and forth. We've always moved around with my mom or with our in-laws," said Justine Garcia Ramos.

Robert Ramos, his wife, Justine Garcia Ramos and their kids, Karaline Davila and Robert L. Ramos will become homeowners thanks to the JWC Habitat for Humanity.

Justine, her husband, Robert, and their two kids, 7-year-old Karaline Davila and 4-year-old Robert L. Ramos, were recently chosen by the Jim Wells County Habitat for Humanity board for a new home.

The family will be the homeowners of the non-profit organizations 19th home in the county. Soon the family along with care-a-vanners will start to build their home on Farm-to-Market 1554.

"This is the second time we applied for this chance. We hoped for the best," Justine said. "I was home alone and stared at the envelope (from JWC Habitat for Humanity) for about five minutes. When I realized what the letter said I cried."

Justine got in her car and rushed to pick up her kids from school. 

"I took the letter to my husband who got emotional. It was crazy and it felt like I couldn't breath," she said. 

This was the next step for her family. She knows how important it is for her children to have a "forever home."

"It'll take some time for us to have our home, but it's worth the wait," Justine said.

The houses are sold at no profit and no interest to families who may not otherwise afford a home.

Habitat for Humanity works in local communities across all 50 states in the United States and in approximately 70 counties with one goal - to provide people with a decent place to live and call home.

The Habitat for Humanity crew is made solely of volunteers, both local and non-local. Most of the crew members are retired and dedicate all their time to building the home they are signed up for. The Christian housing ministry is possible because of the volunteers and private donations.