2020 Jim Wells County Fair- Dedication Honoree

Robin Bradshaw
Alice Echo News Journal

Renée “Ney” Reynolds Mitchell is the honoree for the 83rd Jim Wells County fair dedication.

Mitchell who passed away in July of 2019 served with the 4-H program and the Jim Wells County Fair Association as treasurer and two terms as president. 

"My mom loved the Jim Wells County fair and was known for financially helping the kids in the 4-H programs to support their efforts and projects," said Debbie Williams, Mitchell's daughter. 

Mitchell was a native to the area as an Orange Grove graduate that lived a deep South Texas heritage with the family legacy of the Ventana Ranch (founded in 1867), Williams said.

"Our family is very engrained in this area, she was born, raised, and lived in Jim Wells County her entire life," Williams said.

The family of the Ventura Ranch is known under the Texas Family Land Heritage Program that honors a 100 plus years of continuous ownership and operation as a family agricultural enterprise.

Renée “Ney” Reynolds Mitchell wearing her FFA Chapter Jacket