Orange Grove neighbors address safety concerns involving Blackhorn Environmental Services LLC.

Robin Bradshaw
Alice Echo News Journal

Three property owners that reside in Orange Grove off County Road 308 presented their concerns to the Jim Wells County Commissioners Court on Tuesday, Oct. 13.

Jennifer Green, Allen Green and Dana Huber pleaded with the court to implement safety measures for their residential streets and homes that are shared with Blackhorn Environmental LLC. - a disposal facility that services oil and gas waste located on 232 acres nearby.

The neighboring disposal waste facility in Orange Grove is permitted and specializes in the handling of non-hazardous oil and gas waste. The company is regulated through the Railroad Commission of Texas and serves the big players in the industry -Eagle Ford, Texas Gulf Coast Southern Region, and the Port of Corpus Christi. 

The three residential complaints centered around road safety and air quality. Jennifer Green presented first to the court and requested lowered speed limits, lowered street weight limits and better policing. 

"As the county paying property owners we considerably pay higher taxes than this multi-million dollar company - yet they own our residential roads and create a severe safety concern for our families," said Jennifer Green during the court hearing. "The road is narrow, there is a sharp 90-degree turn, zero policing for the big trucks and their speed and the weight of the trucks have destroyed the road." 

Neighboring resident Dana Huber presented the same safety road hazards with the court and voiced major concerns about the air quality and future problems for her family and neighbors' health. 

"This has been in an issue in the past and the safety of the roads will be addressed. We as the court will find some resolutions for relief for the residents and TCEQ will be contacted to investigate the air quality," said County Judge Juan Rodriguez.

"The Texas waterboard was in the area on Thursday, Oct. 15 taking ground water samples," stated Jennifer Green. 

County Road 308 in Orange Grove shared by residential families and large 18 wheeler trucks servicing Blackhorn Environmental LLC. The road has been described as narrow by families living in the area.
Blackhorn Environmental LLC. in Jim Wells County.