Duval County requires masks in businesses, reinstates curfew as COVID-19 cases rise

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Alice Echo News Journal
Alice Echo News Journal

SAN DIEGO – Duval County Judge and Commissioners took action Friday afternoon to address the increasing evidence of COVID-19 spread. The order comes after the cases in the county and across Texas are rising.

The county is requiring face coverings at all businesses in the county with certain exceptions. Those businesses who fail to comply with the order by June 30 may face a fine. Individuals will not receive a penalty for individuals.

A curfew has been reinstated from midnight till 5 a.m. Violators can face a fine.

Other conditions in the order limits non-essential gathering to a limit of 10 people. This does not apply to churches, funeral homes, businesses.

Everyone should avoid all non-essential travel to hot spots or large metropolitan areas such as San Antonio, Houston and Galveston.

All individuals who have tested positive and their households are required to isolate and follow quarantine order. Possible fine for violations.

“Thank you all for the prayers for strength and wisdom to protect our most vulnerable while keeping things rolling in the right direction. All of this is constitutional and well reasoned for enforcement. And as always we thank our dedicated and honorable law enforcement and law-abiding dispatchers for all they do,” said County Judge Gilbert Saenz on Facebook.

The county, currently, has a total of 8 reported COVID-19 cases. Five are recovered and 3 are active.

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