CALALLEN — An unconfirmed tornado ripped through several of Calallen High School’s athletic facilities Thursday night, causing widespread damage at both the football and baseball fields.

“It picked up the pole vault pit and threw it about 70 yards through a fence. Over at the baseball field the backstop is bent over. Those are 4-inch poles we’re talking about,” athletic director and football coach Phil Danaher said. “It couldn’t have just been the wind. You can tell by the trees. They’re all uprooted.”

The baseball field took a massive hit, with nearly all the left-field fence now missing or knocked over. About 30 of the 8-foot-by-8-foot sponsorship placards and as many as 150 4x8 green plywood sheets that lined the outfield wall are missing, while a sign proclaiming the team’s state championship in 2000 was destroyed.

“They’re gone. We can’t even find them,” longtime baseball coach Steve Chapman said of the placards and plywood.

The storm slammed the batting practice cage into the backstop, which nearly came crashing down on the bleachers. It also tore off the roof to the visiting dugout and ripped the tarp that covered the field to shreds.

“It’s some pretty bad overall damage,” Chapman said.