An old Alice football coach once swore that after any big win by the Coyotes, Memorial Stadium comes to life with the ghosts and memories of the programís glorious past.

He said if you stand still and if itís quiet enough and if the wind is just right, you can faintly hear the crowdís roar, players cheering and the popping of shoulder pads and helmets and even the mighty Alice High School band playing the schoolís fight song. It doesnít matter if the win is here or on the road, Memorial Stadium comes to life just the same.

And, thereís no doubt that moments after Aliceís thrilling 22-19† win against Calallen Friday night, with the whole town still making the short drive back from western Nueces County, Memorial Stadium was quiet and dark, yet stirring with emotions and excitement.

No, this isnít a ghost story. Not at all. Rather, itís a history story. What happens in the stadium after an Alice victory like Fridayís is simply the pastís way of celebrating Coyote footballís continued success.

See, thatís the thing about Alice Coyote football; there are many winning programs around South Texas, but the long and rich tradition here truly separates Alice from the rest.

The Coyotes didnít need a win over the Wildcats to validate the program or to prove this teamís worth. There have been many great Alice teams who have lost to Calallen and went on to memorable postseason runs. This team has already proven itís greatness by rekindling this communityís spirit and imagination.

However, beating Calallen does forever lay to rest the knock that the Coyotes canít beat the Wildcats. For the last 16 years ó thatís all the way back to 1992 when the two teams first met ó Calallen had owned Alice in football. There were some close ones, some of which probably should have gone Aliceís way, but all of those 16 games ended the same. This proud program has been around for 100 years, far longer than the community of Calallen itself, and itíll be around for the rest of our days, winning football games, including games against Calallen. This win, as important as it is to this teamís fortunes, is just another chapter in Aliceís history. And, years from now, the memory of it too will be a part of those Memorial Stadium ghosts.