OG third grader went 3-for-3 in Pee Wee League All-Star Game

Pete Garcia, Alice Echo-News Journal

If it wasn't for the long sandy-blonde hair hanging out of the back of her cap, it would've been impossible to tell that there was a girl in the Alice Pee Wee League All-Star Game Friday night.

After all, 8-year-old McKenzie Hahn does't throw like a girl, hit like a girl or play baseball like a girl. And any doubts which still remained about the Orange Grove Intermediate School third grader's ability to play were wiped away on the biggest stage the Alice Pee Wee League has.

In the late innings of Friday night's all-star game, Hahn's National League team was leading the game, but the American League all-stars were rallying with two outs. Like in Pee Wee League games, runs were being scored in bunches and the third out of the inning was eluding the National League team.

That's when Hahn, playing shortstop, turned in one of the finest defensive plays of the game. A hard ground-ball was hit up middle. It appeared to be a sure base-hit, but Hahn robbed the American League team of the hit by stretching out for a seemingly impossible catch, recomposing herself and throwing the baserunner out at first.

"That's just the way she plays," said Benito Garcia, who was Hahn's coach during the regular season on the Orange Grove Mutts. "She plays so well and makes it look easy."

The play ended the rally and any threat of the American League coming back. Hahn's National League all-stars went on to win the annual all-star game, 19-11.

Hahn also helped her team at the plate where she went 3-for-3 with two RBIs. After the game, she was given one of two game balls in the American League.

All of that came as no surprise to McKenzie's mother, Tammy Hahn. Over the years, she's become accustomed to seeing her daughter excel - even against boys.

"To the boys, she's just one of the guys," her mother said. "She's just so athletic. Ever since she was so small, she's always been so competative. Baseball, though, seems to be what she likes best."