Coyotes returned program to glory

Pete Garcia, The Sports Guy

EDCOUCH - The steady flow of tears coming from the tired eyes of Josh Cavazos said it all.

As coaches praised the team for a valiant effort against Edcouch-Elsa Friday night and a wonderful ride to the Coyotes' first playoff appearance in six years, all Cavazos could do was cry.

He and the Coyotes' defense shut down the vaunted Yellow Jackets' offense like no one else had this season, but it still wasn't enough to extend Alice's season.

All the joyful and congratulatory hugs that filled the Alice sidelines just a week ago when the team clinched a playoff spot by beating the Robstown Pickers were replaced by sorrow and emotional embraces and endless tears.

It was almost as if losing like this in the first round of the playoffs hurt more than not making it at all.

"It's just so heartbreaking," an emotional Alice coach Brent Davis said. "To play as well as we did and as hard as we did and come just one point short really hurts."

Although it may not seem like it or at least feel like it right now, these Alice Coyotes — by restoring the program to its former glorious self —laid the groundwork for what hopefully is the start of a new chapter in Alice's rich football tradition.

After a long time of missing the postseason, these Coyotes advanced. At times, they also played like the Alice teams of old. They scored lots of points — more this season than they had in years, and played stingier defense than in recent memory. They put up numbers, created highlights and played an exciting brand of high school football, just like the kind of football which made the Alice High School program an icon of this area.

And people noticed, too. Attendance at Alice games was up, and the buzz this team generated was obvious in Edcouch where thousands of Alice people dressed in orange and white filled the stands. Sure, the season is over, but after six-years of staying home for the playoffs, this is the beginning of a new era of Coyote football.