Michael Chartier, The Sports Authority

After my weekend at Dallas Cowboys training Camp, I am ready to make a prediction.

They are a better team without Bill Parcells.

Oh, give Bill credit. Dallas would not be where they are without him. Troy Aikman said it best. The greatest benefit from the Parcells era was the talent he helped the Cowboys stock.

This team is more than TO. It's more than Romo.

But the fact that sudden rockstar status hasn't fazed the former rookie free agent quarterback is a good thing. He isn't distracted by the fumble, nor his friendship with singer Carrie Underwood.

He's not worried about getting a long-term contract. He just wants to play and win.

That attitude was shared across the board, from Jason Witten to Roy Williams. In fact, talking to many of the Cowboys players it almost seemed hard for them to control their giddiness for this season's prospect.

What I love about this version of the Dallas Cowboys is that they expect to be good and they're not afraid of those expectations. new Head Coach Wade Phillips has brought a fresh attitude and approach that jives much better with a young up and coming team.

Take away veterans like Owens and Terry Glenn, you've got a lot of players with less than five years of playing experience. That includes guys like Romo, the tailback tandem of Julius Jones and Marion Barber, plus Witten.

On defense, that number only grows.

Dallas was the youngest team in the nFL last season and a playoff team at that. The didn't pass Parcells, however, his old school mentality wasn't right for this new school team.

The Authority gets bold in two seconds.

Dallas will be in the nFC Title game this year, at least.

And it won't surprise me if they do more.