Amidst The Bureau of Land management’s (BLM) recent release of a proposal to euthanize thousands of America’s wild mustangs, the Mustang Heritage Foundation (MHF) and Careen A. Hammock are building on the success of the Extreme Mustang Makeover pilot program to increase the number of mustangs being placed into private care.

Hammock is a graduate of Alice High?School, who grew up working cattle and taking part in area rodeos, who now lives in Bryan.

MHF put together its second annual Extreme Mustang Makeover this weekend. It expected to match 400 young and mature horses with trainers and families – more than doubling the efforts of the inaugural event last year.

In the competiton, Hammock was given 100 days to break a wild mustang. Hammock was selected from among hundreds of applicants to receive a wild horse and gentle the animal for the 2008 event in Fort Worth, Texas. Competition  included an in-hand course as well as an under saddle course with a top 15 finals.

In September 2007, MHF’s Mustang Makeover event in Fort Worth, Texas, matched 100 wild horses for an in-hand and riding competition. Through this event, every competing horse was adopted at an average of $2,300  – a far cry from the government’s minimum fee of $125.

“This was an event the likes of which BLM had never seen,” said Patti Colbert, executive director of the MHF. “It was standing room only that created a complete sense of exhilaration and admiration for the mustangs and trainers. We are now preparing for the 2008 competition that will be held this September - and have more than doubled in size with 150 horses and 150 trainers plus another 200 yearlings matched with young trainers and their families. The overall prize money has also increased to $70,000.”

- Staff Report