Not everyone can stake claim to a perfect game in bowling. Not everyone can say they bowled two gems, much less in a span of less than a year.

Alice native Joe Placencio Jr., however, begs to differ when it comes to bowling two 300 games in a nine month period.

Placencio recently bowled his second perfect game in the sport of bowling. He accomplished the feat Jan 5, exactly nine months after he bowled his first 300 game of his career March 5, 2008.

The owner of Poder de Tejas Productions, is taking it all in stride despite being overwhelmed by well-wishers at Paladium Bowl during his league nights.

“It really makes me feel good to have bowled not just one, but two 300 games,” Placencio said.

He grew up around the sports after his father took him to his first outing at the bowling lanes when he was a teenager.

Since then his love for the sports has transformed into him playing on two teams, including one co-ed team.

Placencio even has contemplated taking bowling one step higher, if the 300 games keep coming and his average continues to climb steadily.

“If I could bowl 200 consistantly for more than a year, I could go pro,” Placencio said. “It also made me feel good that my dad saw me bowl my last 300 because he’s the one that introduced me to the sports and he’s never bowled a 300…that last one was for him”