Pete Garcia, The Sports Guy

A couple of seasons back, the Atlanta Falcons set the bar for quarterback salaries when they gave Michael Vick a new contract which would pay him as much as $130 million over 10 years.

We now know that it was a bad deal. The money was good, but Vick turned out not to be. Flashier than anyone else on the field, his quarterbacking skills were just above average at best. Add to this his dog-fighting fiasco and the whole thing was a big gigantic bust.

Tony Romo's contract is nowhere near that of Vick's. He is not among the richest in the NFL, but it is money well spent… every last dime of it. Romo agreed to a six-year, $67 million deal, which includes $30 million in guaranteed money, according to the Associated Press.

Besides rewarding the young quarterback for returning the Cowboys to their rightful place as SuperBowl contenders, it guarantees that Romo will wearing a blue star on his helmet for at least six more seasons. After Troy Aikman walked away from the game, the Cowboys quarterback position — one of the most prominent in all of sport — was like a chair in an non-stop game of musical chairs. And, that game was getting old.

Romo, who has won 12 of his 17 starts since last season, is now once and for all officially the Cowboys' guy and joins an elite fraternity which includes Don Meredith, Roger Staubach and Aikman. And at a time when everyone in the league gets paid, it's refreshing to see money spent well.