Agua Dulce coach Kelly Black's decision to play in the Longhorns' alumni football game in December came down to just one thing — ego.

A 1985 graduate of Agua Dulce High School and the program's present head football coach and athletic director passed up a chance to play in the 2008 alumni game. This time around, he suited up and played for the maroon team or “the old guys”. He had a couple of catches and even scooped up a fumble and ran it back 30 yards before being leveled, probably by a fellow Longhorn alumni player half the age of the 43-year-old coach.

"Tell you what, as a coach, you teach the kids to pick that ball up and go score," said Black, who said he was sore for days after the game. "When I picked up the ball, I was just looking for someone younger than me to pitch it to so they could go score. I didn't feel like trying to run 90 yards, but there was no one to pitch it off to.

"I didn't play last year, but I guess I don't have any sense. It was ego. I guess I saw the guys play  last year and thought if he can play, I can play."

The Agua Dulce alumni game was a hit in its first season in 2008 and grew into a community festival this December. The alumni football game also became the envy of other schools, like Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco, who liked the idea so much that the community organized its own alumni game, which was played earlier this month.

 Remember ego?

Well, it didn't take long for the two groups of former high school school football players to hatch an idea for yet another game — Agua Dulce alumni vs. Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco alumni.

That's right. The old bitter rivals are toying with plans for a gridiron reunion, the two sides have said.

The exact details of the game are still up in the air, but Agua Dulce alumni game organizer Edward Garcia said the game is tentatively set for sometime in April.

"We're working on getting it finalized and for probably April of this year," he said.

The Longhorns' alumni game was created by Garcia as a way to raise funds for a scholarship in  memory of Don Hise, a former Agua Dulce High School principal, and his wife Rita, who died in an airplane crash in 2006.  The money raised through the Agua Dulce game is being used to establish scholarships in the Hise's name.