Fight for playoffs reached an all-time high Friday night

Jaime Gonzalez, Guest Columnist

South Texas may have just seen the start to a brand new rivalry Friday night. If post game emotions are any indication, the Alice Coyotes and Kingsville Brahmas have just taken their on-field competition to a whole new level.

During the past few seasons, these two teams have battled for playoff spots in district 31-4A.

Kingsville took the spot last season, and this year it looks like the Coyotes may have returned the favor.

While most fans of the team recognize the other as an obstacle to the playoffs, this year the game had an aura of intensity that had not been seen in previous seasons.

Whether it was rumors and accusations of vandalism, post game insults, or the bands kicking and throwing water bottles, it seemed as if more than a playoff spot was on the line. While none of those acts should be condoned or tolerated, it did signal the start of something new: the competition for a playoff spot has reached new emotional and personal levels of interest.

It was evident from the beginning of the game when, after announcements of sportsmanship, teams were booed louder by the opposing fans than they were cheered by their own.

While exiting Alice's Memorial Stadium, there seemed to be one taunt the fans of the victors sarcastically cheered, "There's always next year."

There will be a next year, and if these two teams continue to accept nothing less than a spot in the playoffs and a legitimate shot at a district title, there will be many more.

Jaime Gonzalez covers the Kingsville Brahmas for our sister paper, The Kingsville Journal.