With more than 150 swimmers, team is largest ever

Pete Garcia, Alice Echo-News Journal

Participation has never been a problem for the Alice Swim Team. The summer team is used to carrying a team with well over 100 swimmers. This season is no different. With more than 150 boys and girls, the team has the most swimmers in its history.

But this summer, because of new restrictions in the Corpus Christi Swim League which limit the number of swimmers a team can use in a meet, and to allow less-experienced swimmers to participate more, the Alice Swim Team is doing something different.

The team will continue to participate in the Corpus Christi League. At the same time, the team's other swimmers will compete in a newly formed Alice Parks and Recreation swim league, which will include teams from Ben Bolt, Freer and Premont.

The team's participation in the parks and recreation is a win-win situation, Alice swim coach Trisha Terrell said.

It enables the team to continue swimming in the Corpus Christi League, and it allows the younger swimmers to gain experience.

"For our younger swimmers, it will be a big confidence booster," Terrell said. "It's a new league with some new teams so the experience level isn't what they would see in the (Corpus Christi League). It's good because we want them to compete, but at the same time we want them to feel good about how they're competing."

The team will swim in its first Corpus Christi Swim League meet here Saturday when they host the team from Tulsoso-Midway.

The meet begins at 9 a.m. at the Alice Southside Pool at the Alice Boys and Girls Club.

The team participating in the Alice Parks and Recreation League will swim here June 23.