Orange Grove falls behind 21-6 in the first quarter

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

The Bulldogs faced a close loss to the Ingleside Mustangs Friday night, 21-14, after a thrilling fourth quarter comeback attempt.

The Orange Grove defense made an impressive display, holding the Mustangs to just 21 points, and keeping them from the endzone during three quarters of the game.

The Mustangs came out early, and fast, with a fast touchdown pass. The Bulldogs answered back with a TD of their own, as Barrett Davidson took an 8 yard pass from QB Jordan Salas, bringing the Bulldogs back 7-6.

Later in the first quarter, Ingleside quarterback Josh Coffield came in for a short QB keeper, which was followed by a long 53 yard run by the Mustangs Green Hill. In less than 12 minutes, the scoreboard read 21-6 Mustangs. The impressive onslaught stunned the Bulldogs, but just for a moment. The bulldog defense put in some overtime Friday night, holding down the Mustang Offense through the quarter and throughout the second half of the game.

At a three and 15 position in the fourth quarter, Jose Martinez caught a shotgun pas from Salas, running within the 10 yard line. With eight minutes left, Salas broke several tackles for the TD, which was followed up by 2 points from Martinez.

The energy was there behind the Bulldogs, now 21-14. On the third series by Ingleside, the Bulldog defense held the Mustangs back, pressuring the quarterback with both a QB tackle and an eventual incomplete pass in a 3 and 11 position.

The Bulldogs took the ball for two first downs, but fumbled 15 seconds later. Ingleside could only hold the ball four plays, unable to make the yards necessary against a Bulldog defense that was committed to holding the line. With 1:32 left on clock, Orange Grove once again had possession of the ball, and four plays later, a Salas fumble led to a Mustang recovery. Coffield held on to the ball, taking a knee three times to run down the clock and secure a Mustang victory. A Mustang kick on the fourth down landed near the 5 yard line, and the clock ran out.

Coach Brent Kornegay said the defense worked hard Friday night against a talented Ingleside offense. 'We gave up some big plays,' Kornegay said. 'Overall though, our guys hung in there and didn't give up. They played well."

As for the upcoming match ups, Kornegay said the team couldn't look any farther than next week's game against the Mathis Pirates. "We've got to beat Mathis," he said.