Bulldogs need a win Friday to get back into the playoffs

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

MATHIS — It came down to one kick in the fourth quarter by Mathis' Victor Alvarado, that sealed the deal for the Pirates in a second heartbreaking loss for Orange Grove in as many weeks. The Pirates were able to hold on to that one point lead through the last quarter to win a close one, 13-12.

The first quarter was a back and forth tug-of-war between the two teams, neither making any big moves that would lead to the end zone. It wasn't till the second quarter that Mathis would be the first to put some numbers on the board, but a failed kick left the score 6-0.

Orange Grove answered back with a TD of their own after a long 48 yard run by Jonathan Rodriguez half way through the second quarter. A failed kick, which came back to haunt the Bulldogs later on, brought the board even at 6-6 for the half.

The Orange Grove came back strong in the third, hammering away at the Pirates defense. They eventually got within close range to the end zone, and with a short 1 yard run by Barrett Davidson, scored another TD. But the kick for the extra point failed once again, putting the Bulldogs up 12-6.

Mathis made an early charge in the fourth, lading to a short TD run with 11:34 left on the clock. The Alvarado kick was good, and the Pirates were up by one.

Orange Grove then began what will be known from now on as the six minute drive, bleeding seconds from the clock, and forging ahead of the Pirate defense, making first down after first down. Five sets and six minutes later, within the 25 yard line, the Bulldgos went all in during a fourth down and seven situation. The pass though came up incomplete.

Mathis took possession near the 20 yard line, and ran the clock to the end, keeping their one point lead and closing the book for a Pirate win.

"We had a chance to score down there at the end, and we just didn't get it done. That's the bottom line," Bulldogs head coach Brent Kornegay said after the game. "They (Mathis) held on to the ball there in the end when we needed it."

Kornegay looked ahead to next week's match up against West Oso, and said that, if the Bulldogs win, then they'll be in the playoffs. "

Basically, if we win, we're in," Kornegay said about the upcoming game.

“Oh yeah, there's still a chance.”