Alice’s Alexis Herrera and Marissa Garcia won their weight classes in Alice’s final qualifying powerlifting meet of the season Thursday.

The meet was the Bishop Girls Last Qualifying Meet. Both girls had already qualified to regionals.

Herrera won the 97-pound weight class with a 600-pound total. She had a 230-pound squat, a bench press of 130 pounds and a 240-pound deadlift.

Garcia won the 259-pound plus weight class with an 875 total. Garcia had an impressive squat of 335 and a bench press of 165 pounds. She also had a 375-pound deadlift.

Alice’s results from the Bishop Girls Last Qualifying Meet were:

97-pound weight class: 1 – Alexis Herrera, 230 squat, 130 bench, 240 deadlift, 600 total.

123-pound weight class: 4 – Hailey Figueroa, 225 squat, 115 bench, 225 deadlift, 565 total.

132-pound weight class: 2 – Adely Pando, 250 squat, 145 bench, 310 deadlift, 705 total.

259+ weight class: 1 – Marissa Garcia, 335 squat, 165 bench, 375 deadlift, 875 total