Orange Grove High School has cancelled its two-day tennis tournament after the death of their head coach Osbaldo Gonzalez known as “Coach Oz.”

Gonzalez, 62, died of an apparent heart attack during a tennis match on Thursday, Feb. 13, said Orange Grove Athletic Director Mark Delpercio.

"He passed out when he was going to the bathroom," Delpercio said. "A couple of coaches saw and tried to help him."

Gonzalez was transported to a hospital in Alice, where he died.

Gonzalez was a history teacher and coach at Orange Grove for 29 years. An assistant coach will take on Gonzalez's head coach duties, Delpercio said.

Delpercio said the school would have counselors for students and teachers.

Gonzalez leaves behind his wife, Irma Gonzalez, of 39 years and adult children, Ryan Gonzalez and Sierra Gonzalez.