San Diego quarterback Vince Luevano was selected to participate in the 2019 Hawaii Tiki Bowl in Honolulu Hawaii.

Luevano who played quarterback his senior year was selected during his junior season while playing receiver, the position he will play while in Hawaii.

The Tiki Bowl is an all star game for high school seniors to showcase their talents in front of college coaches in a paradise like environment. The event lasted six days kicking off on Jan. 1 and ending on 6th.

Players practiced daily and have the opportunity to sight see and visit tourist destinations like Waikiki Beach and the Island of Oahu. Game day was scheduled for Jan. 5th.

“I was shocked when I received the invite after my junior season. After I made the decision to play it seemed like it took forever for the day to come for me to go to Hawaii, now I’m here and I feel very excited,” Luevano said.

Luevano admits his first love is basketball, but when the opportunity arose he did not hesitate to make the 6-hour flight to Hononlulu.

The 6-foot 1-inch point guard who was recently named MVP during a tournament hosted by the Vaqueros, even had to miss two basketball games while out of town.

“Basketball is my first love, but I have the opportunity to play one last game in front of coaches and scouts and maybe get looked at. I had to miss a few games but my team and coaches support me,” Luevano said.

Luevano is part of more than 80 athletes from all over the country that were separated into one of three teams.

Luevano will played for team IKAIKA which translated in English means strong, a characteristic that describes his 2019 performance for the Vaqueros, while being selected co-quarterback of the year in District 3A.