The Alice High School board of trustees recently approved for funding of three major facilities to be built at the Alice High School Campus.

School board officials approved transfer of $4.5 million from the general fund balance to capital projects.

The biggest construction project approved is a multi-use complex that is proposed at 37,039 square feet for a price of $3.4 million. The building will be situated west of the athletic department.

The multi-use facility will be equipped with a 60 yard artificial turf field, an equipment room and restrooms. Alice I.S.D. will immediately begin the construction process immediately with surveys, detailed designs and will request proposals to complete construction by August 2020.

“The multi-use facility will benefit not only athletics, cheer, band, R.O.T.C. and many other AISD students,” said Head Coach Kyle Atwood. “When we look at late July and early August we have many days where the heat index is over 105 degrees and we’re not able to practice outdoors. In late fall when we’re preparing for playoffs and when soccer kicks off we have cold and inclement weather. In the spring, heavy rain and lighting prevent many groups from practicing outdoors. Providing a facility, that no matter what the weather is like, will allow us to continue to practice, improve and put ourselves in a position to be successful.“

A dressing room will also be under construction for the Alice Coyote softball complex. The building will provide a dressing room, individual showers and bathrooms. The 2,280 square foot building will be located next to the softball fields off of Sain Drive.

Also approved by the school board members is an agricultural shop measuring 3,443 square feet will also be built on the south end of the high school.