The Alice Coyote Football Alumni honored the program’s past while helping its future.

The football program’s 1985 team, which went 12-1, was recognized at the alumni group’s annual golf tournament fundraiser at the Alice Municipal Golf Course Saturday. The event helped the alumni move closer to reaching its goal of funding the renovation of the Coyote football team’s varsity locker room.

Some 29 teams participated in the tournament Saturday.

Johnny Garza, himself a former Alice Coyote, is one of the organizers of the Alice Coyote Football Alumni and the golf tournament. He said this year’s event was an overwhelming success.

“I think it’s Alice. It’s hometown and everyone feels comfortable,” Garza said. “I think it happens one time a year, so it gives everyone an opportunity to come together and come to their hometown and just hang out and banter and play a round of golf

The 1985 football team won a Class 5A district championship and went unbeaten until running into San Antonio Holmes in the third round of the state playoffs. Led by Texas coaching icon Bruce Bush, the team had one of the highest-scoring offenses in the state that year. They were also the last Alice team to win a district championship until 2004.

Bush, as well as a big group of former players, was at the tournament.

“I was probably 8 years old when those guys were playing, but I grew up around a lot of guys that know those guys, and they had a great team,” Garza said. “They had coach Bruce Bush and they had a great record. Another reason we wanted to recognize them is they had a lot of guys here last year. They were well-represented and they have really good camaraderie. That’s what it takes to have a great team; to really have that bond that they still have today. We wanted to recognize them for what they did on the football field, but also for how they’ve represented in our tournament.”

The alumni group’s plan is to have three events throughout the year, In the spring, the group held it’s Chalk Talk, in which Alice coaches spoke to football mothers about the football program. The group is also planning a football season kick-off dance in August.

The alumni’s plan is to raise enough money for the renovation of the varsity football team’s locker room, which was last renovated in 2005. Garza said the plan is to have the money for the improvements by the end of this year.

Alice coach Kyle Atwood said the locker room is in need of a facelift. He said the project is one that will benefit the program for years to come.

“It’s something we’re been working really hard on,” Atwood said. “As a staff, we try our best to take care and maintain our facility, but something like this we feel will rejuvenate the locker room and give our kids something else to be proud of.”