The Alice Summer Track program wrapped up its season with its share of first-place ribbons.

Based on ribbon count, the summer program’s top male was 11-year-old Jose Soto in the Sub-Midget Division with 21 blue ribbons and the top female was 12-year-old Victoria Diaz with 20 blue ribbons in the Midget Division. Another standout was 12-year-old Mikel Gutierrez with 17 blue ribbons in the Midget Division.

The team also had a big group of athletes make the summer program’s “Blue Crew,” which recognizes athletes which won at least eight blue ribbons during the four-week season.

Those making the “Blue Crew” were Joey Castillo, Primary Division; Cami Cortez, Primary Division; Marquis Gutierrez, Bantam Division; Tori Rodas, Sub Midget Division; Damian Alviar, Midget Division; Mikel Gutierrez, Midget Division; Trey Alviar, Midget Division; Keira Salinas, Bantam Division; Jose Soto, Sub Midget Division; Zander Ponce, Sub Bantam Division; and Payson Trejo, Primary Division. Not pictured are Victoria Diaz, Midget Division; Liana Garcia, Midget Division; and Lucian Cruz, Sub Midget Division.