Ernie Flores can often be seen running through the streets and parks of Alice. The San Diego native has long been a fan of the activity and went to state three out of his four high school years. Flores had always hoped to run in the Boston Marathon.

Flores was able to realize his goal this year, qualifying for the big race during the Houston Marathon. Those wishing to qualify for Boston must submit a time of three hours and twenty-five minutes or better in a major race. Flores was able to parse his time down to three hours and seventeen seconds. This time submission gives Flores the next year to train and he will be running in the 2020 Boston Marathon. His training partner and good friend, Martin Cantu Jr. qualified for this year’s Boston Marathon and Flores said he wouldn’t have been able to accomplish his goals without Cantu’s help.

“He pushed me and wouldn’t let me give up,” said Flores.

Flores says that running helps him relieve stress and that he is able to just relax and “enjoy his run”. The practice seems to be a mental game for Flores.

“Never give up and keep on trying,” said Flores. “Sometimes, you’ll want to quit, but you have to continue to try.”