Alice football coaches are rethinking the way they plan to utilize their roster this next football season.

Instead of “two-platooning” or assigning players to specialize on either offense or defense, Alice’s entire roster will learn and practice a position on both sides of the ball. It’s a break from the philosophy used by Alice head coach Kyle Atwood in his two seasons here.

The change is meant to give the Coyote an edge where possible and to give the team's roster some extra depth.

“We’re not saying we’re going to have all of our kids playing both ways, but some might at some point,” Atwood said. “At least if the situation arises, we’ll have kids familiar with both sides of the ball."

“Two-platooning” seemingly benefitted the Coyotes in 2017. With 32 seniors in the program that season, it worked. Only a select few athletes played offense and defense. Everyone else specialized in one position. With 55 on a roster, there were enough players to create separate offensive and defensive units. The Coyotes had a late-season run and turned into one of the most dynamic teams in South Texas that year. Alice finished that season 9-4 and reached the third round of the Class 5A playoffs.

Atwood admits that it was harder to play with offensive and defensive specialists this past season with a senior class of only 17.

“We went from having a total of 55 kids on the roster in 2017 to 42 this past year,” Atwood said. “Injuries and disciplinary issues that prevented a few kids from playing really hurt our depth. We’re hoping that doesn’t happen this season.”

Alice was 4-6 this season and 2-5 in District 29-5A.

Of course, football practice isn’t beginning until August, but the Alice program will begin implementing football skills training in its athletic class beginning next week. Atwood said the plan is to focus on football skills for one day a week and offseason workouts during the rest of the week, and to gradually add another day per week through March and April leading into spring football drills in May.