Visitors to Alice schools will soon be required to present ID to gain entrance to any campus in the district. The new policy, which takes effect January 7, will help to ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff.

Those wishing to visit AISD campuses will be required to present a valid form of picture ID, such as a driver’s license, to the office administrator to be scanned through a software system. The system will check for two things, firstly that the person presenting the ID has permission to visit or pick up a student and secondly that the person in authorized to be on school grounds.

“This change in procedures is Alice ISD’s way of ensuring that Alice ISD students are safe and secure. The district hopes that this procedure will ensure that no student is ever in danger of being taken from an Alice ISD campus by any person who does not have proper credentials and that any person visiting the campus is entitled to be there,” said Dr. Alma Garcia, Executive Director of Federal and Special Programs for AISD.

The equipment needed for this program was purchased through use of federal grants, specifically funds designated for school safety. It is called the RAPTOR system and is used by many other school districts statewide. If an ID check comes back with something inappropriate, the person presenting the ID will be denied entry and each case will be handled on an individual basis.