Alice coaches were hoping the one live quarter of football in their scrimmage against Flour Bluff Friday night would provide some beneficial game-like scenarios.

They were right. The 12-minute segment did exactly that.

The game was tied at 7-7 late when Alice’s defense made a stop in the final minutes of the game to set up an opportunity to go ahead. The Coyotes, using their up-tempo offense, moved the ball in scoring position before calling a timeout to set up a play. The Coyotes’ effort to get in the end zone ran straight into the brunt of the Hornets’ defense. Flour Bluff then took over and scored on a 30-yard touchdown run to go ahead for good in the quarter.

Afterward, Alice coach Kyle Atwood said had it been a game, the final minutes of the ball game would have been handled differently.

“It was a scrimmage for us, but had it been a real game we wouldn’t have stopped the clock when we had the ball,” he said. “We would have run the ball and run the clock down and set up for a field goal for the win or overtime had we missed it. It was my call, but it was a scrimmage.”

Earlier in the game, the Alice offense kept the contest close when it scored on a 15-yard touchdown pass from senior quarterback Devyn Orta to Waylon Moore.

Alice ran the entire scrimmaged, both the controlled segment and the live quarter, without running a blitz or stunt on defense and without any audibles on offense. It was by design to see how well the team was executing its basic offense and defense.

“We were in our base defense the whole night and we didn’t change any plays on offense at the line of scrimmage,” Atwood said. “When we’d come to the line, we were running the play we had called regardless of what Flour Bluff’s defense was lined up in. We wanted to see our kids run our plays. Plus, it was a scrimmage, so there really wasn’t any need to run anything differently on offense or defense.”

Alice’s offense showed a lot of life throughout the scrimmage with Orta and Isaiah Aguilar rotating at quarterback. Running backs Ismael Cantu and R.J. Salaiz gave the Coyotes a solid running game as well.

Defense, the Coyotes were led by linebackers Rey Davila and Ryan Beltran. They also had solid play throughout the secondary.

Alice’s freshmen outscored Flour Bluff in their scrimmage earlier in the evening. The Alice junior varsity also matched Flour Bluff’s.

“I was really proud of the way our program played from the freshmen team to our junior varsity to our varsity,” Atwood said. “It was a good scrimmage for us, and I think it showed that we are a lot further along than we were at this time last year.”

Alice officially begins its season Friday at home in Memorial Stadium against Laredo Alexander. Game time is 7:30 p.m.