Leo Camarillo and Daniel Barcenas brought home first place trophies and rings after participating in a two-day golf tournament hosted by the National Pan American Golf Association in Corpus Christi this last weekend.

Camarillo came in first in the Third flight and Barcenas won in the Sixth flight.

The Alice chapter had 15 members competing in the tournament the two-day. The tournament had a total of 576 players participating consisting of 500 men, 26 women and 51 junior golfers. Alice brought home a total of seven trophies and two championship rings. Other players bringing home a trophy included Jay Garcia and Adan Canales placing 8th and 9th respectively in the Championship flight, Monico Cerda placed 10th in the First flight Mando Gonzales placed 9th in the Second flight, and Gap Alaniz placed second in the Eighth flight.

The Pan American Golf Association is a national organization representing 43 chapters from throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, Arizona and California. The PAGA main objectives is the promotion of the betterment of golf and Jr golf. The PAGA chapters and including the national association gives out a couple hundred scholarships ranging from 500 to 1000 dollars to graduating seniors. It also promotes golf by involving the youth in their summer Junior golf clinics.

The local chapter of the Pan American Golf Association will be hosting the 2019 Winter Meeting in March in Alice, Texas and is expecting around 300 players to participate. The winter meeting is part the National Association’s annual planning leading to the national tournament. The 2019 National PAGA Convention and Golf Tournament will be hosted by the Dallas Chapter and held in Mesquite, Texas. Every year the tournament is hosted by the different chapters on a rotation basis.

Local officers of the Alice PAGA are Onesimo Castillo, President; George Ramirez, Vice President; Robert Ortiz, Secretary; Gap Alaniz, Treasurer; and Joe Munoz, National Delegate.