At the beginning of the Alice Summer Track season, coach Marissa Acosta announced a challenge.

It was called the Blue Crew. To make it, the young athletes had to win a total of at least eight blue, or first place, ribbons in the four regular-season track meets this summer.

When it was all done, five young athletes met the criteria. They were Liana Vasquez, 11; Victoria Diaz, 11; Jose Soto, 10; Alexander Ponce, 8; and Joey Castillo, 5.

The Alice Summer Track coaches were Marissa Acosta, Kim Kubala and Clarissa Salinas. Student coaches were Matthew Lara, Laryssa Salinas, Sean Molina, Criselda Cruz, Hannah Martinez, Meagan Morales, Melissa Almaraz and Julie Sepulveda.