It seems like everyone at Retama Manor Nursing Center in Alice knows Daniel Zapata.

As the facility’s longtime social worker, his job is to help its residents set-up different services to improve their stay. He also assists those who leave the facility to transition into their normal lives. But Zapata is one of those individuals who go even further.

He’s often the one everyone at Retama Manor goes to for a helping hand, mostly because he’s always willing to help.

“He helps patients by setting up their services when they get here and when they discharge,” said Retama Manor director of care transitions Betty Trevino said. “But Daniel always goes beyond what he’s supposed to do. He helps with everything and he helps everyone from patients, to employees to even vendors.”

Now, those who work close to him are offering Zapata a helping hand, and it comes at a time when he and his wife need it most. See, Zapata’s wife, Irma Zapata, is battling uterine cancer, and Retama Manor and a couple of local home health agencies that work closely with the nursing center are organizing a benefit kickball tournament. All the proceeds from the tournament are going to help the Zapata’s with medical expenses.

The tournament is called the Kick Cancer For Sweetheart For Love Co-Ed Kickball Tournament. The tournament is set for Saturday, July 28 at the Alice Miss Kickball fields. The entry fee is $200 for a team of 12 to 15 player,

On its flyer for the tournament, the Retama Manor challenges other health care agencies to organize a team for the competition and fundraiser.

And as far as the name goes, everyone who knows Zapata is familiar with him calling his wife, “Sweetheart Irma.” That’s where Sweetheart comes from on the tournament name.

For more information on the tournament, call Betty Trevino at (361) 563-1979.