The old Harkins Industrial Park was once the hub of soccer play in Alice.

The 10-acre tract of land in the heart of the city’s industrial area was teeming with activity. It was normal for each of the soccer fields carved into the land to have games each Saturday and Sunday. For years, it was used by the Alice Youth Soccer Association.

The City of Alice is now attempting to bring that back. The park hasn’t been used in some 10 years, but city officials are hoping with some sprucing up, the park will again attract a sports league.

The park includes a concession stand, restrooms and a small parking lot. It is located on Harkins Avenue. The land that makes up Harkin Industrial Park was deeded to the city for recreational use in the 1980s by Harkins and Company, an Alice-based oilfield drilling company.

The city attempted to sell the land several times over the years, but each attempt failed to secure a buyer. Resurrecting the park comes at a minimal expense to the city, Alice City Manager Michael Esparza said.

“We need to make sure that the sprinkler system is working and that it’s mowed,” he said. “It’ll be treated like any other park, like our baseball, Little Miss Kickball fields and our Little League fields.”

For a league to be eligible to use the Harkin Industrial Park or any other city-run park for a season, they must meet the city’s requirements which include a non-profit designation by the IRS, a functioning board of directors and an insurance policy. The city also requires a $250 deposit, said Josh Flores, Alice Director of Community Development.

The field is also available for other events and one-time uses.

“It’s the city’s field,” Flores said. “The field belongs to the taxpayers, so it’s available for anyone to use.”

The city currently does not have any agreement with any league to use the fields, although the Alice Youth Football League has expressed an interest in using the park. On Saturday, volunteers with the league mowed the fields at the park.

In June, the city approved a plan to use $175,000 from the Hotel Occupancy Tax fund rejuvenate its youth sports fields in hopes of attracting tournaments which in turn will bring out-of-towners to the city.

The improvements planned include work on the existing baseball, kickball and softball fields, including new bleachers, repairs to concession stand and restroom facilities and reconditioning of the infields, park fences and lighting. The parks’ scoreboards and dugouts will also be renovated. A fourth kickball field will likely be built by the old armory building at the West Sports Complex.

The city’s improvement plan includes at least nine of 10 fields, including fields at Anderson Park, Optimist Field and Bobby Cuellar Park.