Big Stack Card House is sending one of its members to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

The card house had had a month-long qualifying tournament to send one lucky member to the giant Las Vegas poker event.

The final 10 players sat down to play it out on Sunday. On the final hand, Robert Tullos of Premont went all in with Jack Ten off suit and was called by Eric Donaho of Corpus Christi with Queen Five of Diamonds.

Donaho’s Queen high won and made him the grand prize winner. Donaho will get a seat at “Event 75” with airfare, hotel and spending cash.

Bobby Pena, co-owner of Big Stack Card House said, “We are glad Eric will be representing not only us but South Texas. He is a great player and I’m sure will do well.”

Big Stack Card house is a private members-only club, that is a legal card house in Alice.