One-time Texas A&I University Javelina Moe Hill is a firm believer that anyone can play the game of football.

All one needs is the right frame of mind and quickness, and Hill’s summer camp teaches both.

“People think that you have to be big and really fast, but football is about being smart,” he said. “It’s about understanding that if you’re not preparing to succeed, then you’re preparing to fail.”

The Moe Hill Unity Football Camp, now in its seventh season, begins Saturday, June 16, from 10 to 10:45 a.m. at the Alice High School practice field. The camp continues on every Saturday through July.

The camp is a combination of a speed and motivational camp. Hill said the camp is dedicated to helping young athletes improve their athletic abilities by focusing on speed, training and maintaining a positive mindset.

“It’s for every position on the football field,” Hill said. “The camp is designed to better utilize your body. A lot about football is about angles and leverage. The camp is going to show these kids how to better use your feet and using what God gave you. You don’t have to be fast to play football. All you need is to be football quickness.

“What some of the kids don’t realize is that from January to June, you’re in the weight room, but in the summer you have to be outside to get your feet up under you and stay toned. Football season is a long haul, so you have to be prepared.

“We want the kids who come to the camp to leave here mentally prepared for football and life. There are going to be a lot of conversations about sports and life.”

The Unity Football Camp is free and is open to any area youngster between the eighth and 12th grade.

For more information on the camp, contact Moe Hill at (361) 562-2955.