When it comes to summer 7-on-7 play, there are two approaches.

One is to play the passing game to win actual 7-on-7 games. The other approach program’s use is to run their offense and defense in hopes of improving for the fall, regardless of the outcome in the summer.

Playing in a league with a group of Coastal Bend teams, Alice used the latter approach and their outcome in the first evening of competition has coaching feeling optimistic.

Alice’s varsity and junior varsity teams were 6-0 in the first round of games Tuesday at Tuloso-Midway High School. The varsity team recorded wins against Tuloso-Midway, Calallen and Gregory-Portland and the junior varsity won games against Tuloso-Midway, Calallen and Corpus Christi Ray.

Alice head coach Kyle Atwood said the encouraging part of it all is that the teams took the field running the same offense and defense they used last season and the same formations and routes they’ll use this coming season.

“It really benefits us, because we throw quite a bit,” Atwood said. “We’re able to go out there and run our concepts. Some teams do 7-on-7 and run illegal picks and other routes that you can’t use on Friday nights. We just run out offense and passing routes and try to get better at that. Defensively, we’re able to mix coverages us, and it all really benefit us.”

Alice is hosting the next round of games Thursday. Games begin at 6 p.m. at the Alice High School practice fields. The group of teams that make up the league includes Alice, Calallen, Gregory-Portland, Ingleside, Ray and Tuloso-Midway.