Bailey Pastrano spent Saturday trading lifts with a fellow powerlifter from Kemp High School.

After a 330-pound squat, the San Diego senior was 10 pounds behind Alicia Dennis from Kemp. Pastrano then gained the 10 pounds back with a 180-pound bench press. Even going into the deadlift competition, Pastrano dug deep and picked up a 320-pound deadlift, five pounds heavier than Dennis' lift.

Those five pounds were the difference behind the gold medal Pastrano won and the silver medal that went to Dennis.

Pastrano won the Texas High School Women’s Powerlifting Association Division 3 123-pound weight class champion in Waco Saturday. More than a dozen South Texas lifters placed, but Pastrano was the only lifter to win gold.

All three of her lifts were improvements over her totals at the Region 5 meet two weeks ago when she totaled 795 pounds.

Pastrano led San Diego which placed third as a team.

San Diego’s Alexis Gallegos placed second in the 181-pound weight class with a 1,090-pound total.

In the Class 1A and 2A competition, Freer’s Mariah Alaniz was second in the 105-pound weight class and Allyson Rangel was second in the 165-pound weight class.

Texas High School Woman’s Powerlifting Association
State Meet at Waco


Class 1A and 2A

105-pound weight class — 2, Mariah Alaniz, Freer, 295-pound squat, 130-pound bench press, 270-pound deadlift, 695-pound total.

165-pound weight class — 2, Allyson Rangel, Freer, 330-pound squat, 175-pound bench press, 335-pound deadlift, 840-pound total.

181-pound weight class —5, Clariza Moreno, Freer, 325-pound squat, 155-pound bench press, 325-pound deadlift, 805-pound total.

198-pound weight class — 5, Brianna Leal, Freer, 315-pound squat, 180-pound bench press, 290-pound deadlift, 785-pound total.

259-plus weight class — 4, Shania Zapata, Benavides, 350-pound squat, 150-pound bench press, 295-pound deadlift, 795-pound total.

Class 3A

97-pound weight class — 7, Amber Gallegos, San Diego, 250-pound squat, 125-pound squat, 225-pound squat, 600-pound total. 10, Gabby Zarate, San Diego, 210-pound squat, 110-pound bench press, 265-pound deadlift, 585-pound total.

123-pound weight class — 1, Bailey Pastrano, San Diego, 330-pound squat, 180-pound bench press, 320-pound deadlift, 830-pound total. 9, Makayla Salaiz, San Diego, 315-pound squat, 170-pound bench press, 275-pound deadlift, 760-pound total.

148-pound weight class — 5, Eliana Carrilo, San Diego, 350-pound squat, 175-pound bench press, 320-pound deadlift, 845-pound total. 13, Alexia Cadena, San Diego, 320-pound squat, 150-pound bench press, 315-pound deadlift, 785-pound weight class.

165-pound weight class — 4, Mercedes Rodriguez, San Diego, 400-pound squat, 190-pound bench press, 350-pound deadlift, 940-pound total.

181-pound weight class — 2, Alexis Gallegos, San Diego, 450-pound squat, 280-pound bench press, 360-pound deadlift, 1,090-pound total. 4, Brianna Guillen, San Diego, 390-pound squat, 200-pound bench press, 340-pound deadlift, 930-pound total.

Class 4A

259-pound weight class — 4, Jeannie Flores, Orange Grove, 460-pound squat, 225-pound bench press, 390-pound deadlift, 1,075-pound total.