Friday was Gabby Canales’ day.

Only a second-year lifter, the Alice High School senior showed up to the Texas High School Woman’s Powerlifting Association’s Class 5A state meet in Waco Friday and completely dominated the 165-pound weight class. When the day was finally over, Canales stood tall as a powerlifting state champion.

Everyone of Alice’s seven lifters placed eighth or better, and the team took third in the final standings. Alexis Herrera and Jackie Guerra also won silver medals in their respective weight classes.

Canales is a multi-sport standout, but she dropped softball and cutback on track and field to focus on powerlifting this season, and the move paid off. Canales led the competition from the start. Her 410-pound squat was as much as 30 pounds heavier than the top lifters in the weight class. She was also the only lifter in the weight class to bench press 200 pounds. Her lift distanced her by at least 20 pounds away from any real challenger. She finished with a 380-pound deadlift which was also topped the weight class.

Herrera was second in the 97-pound weight class with a 630-pound total. Her squat of 275 put her comfortably ahead of the competition. She also had a solid bench press of 115 pounds and deadlift of 240 pounds.

Guerra was second in the 181-pound weight class, but she solidified her squat with a 450-pound squat. She followed up with a 200-pound bench press and a 405-pound deadlift, which were both second-best in the weight class.

Julie Sepulveda was fourth in the 220-pound weight class.

Texas High School Woman’s Powerlifting Association
State Meet, Class 5A, Waco


97-pound weight class — 2, Alexis Herrera, 275-pound squat, 115-pound squat and 240-pound deadlift, 630 total. Leanna Rodriguez, 230-pound squat, 95-pound bench press, 265-pound deadlift, 590-pound total.

105-pound weight class — 8, Mia Macias, 280-pound squat, 110-pound bench press, 255-deadlift, 645-pound total.

165-pound weight class — 1, Gabby Canales, 410-pound squat, 200-pound bench press, 380-pound deadlift, 990-pound total.

181-pound weight class — 2, Jackie Guerra, 450-pound squat, 200-pound bench press, 405 deadlift, 1,055-pound total.

198-pound weight class — 7, Alexis Estringel, 405-pound squat, 230-pound bench press, 315-pound deadlift, 950-pound total.

220-pound weight class — 4, Julie Sepulveda, 420-pound squat, 190-pound bench press, 375-pound deadlift, 985-pound total.