Powerlifter Marc Garcia has lifted around the world and competed against the strongest teen-agers anywhere.

However, until Saturday, Garcia, a two-time world champion, had never competed in a Texas High School Powerlifting Association event, which is where Alice High School and other Texas schools compete.

That changed Saturday when Garcia competed in the Coyote Classic at the William Adams Middle School gym. The outcome was predictable to anyone familiar with the muscular and superbly strong Alice High School junior.

Garcia lifted "raw," which means he didn’t use knee wraps or any of the other gear high school lifters use, and he still dominated the 132-pound weight class. In fact, his individual lifts and his total for the day are the best of anyone in the 132-pound weight class in the entire state so far this season, according to the THSPA’s website. His total of 1,170 pounds is 115 pounds heavier that than the weight class’ previous top total of 1,055 pounds.

Garcia was given the Coyote Classic’ Most Outstanding Lifter Award for a 425-pound squat, 245-pound bench press and 500-pound deadlift.

In August, Garcia won his second world title by winning the 130-pound weight class at the International Powerlifting Federation Sub-Junior World Championships in Orlando, Fla.

Complete individual results for the entire meet were not available Saturday, but will be published available.