The Moody Trojans were breathing a sigh of relief after stopping the Alice Coyotes’ initial drive.

After the Coyotes marched down to the 14-yard line, the Trojans made a stop and were seemingly content with allowing a 31-yard field goal attempt.

Alice lined up for the kick, but they caught Moody completely off guard when sent a receiver sprinting down the sideline after the ball was snapped to holder R.J. Galvan. Galvan stood up and threw a high-arching pass to a wide-open Sean Chapa for a touchdown.

The extra point failed, but scoring like they did, especially when the Trojans thought they had a led up early in the game, set a tone which lasted the whole night. Rarely is a fake field goal in the first three minutes of a football game a backbreaker.

“Moody’s an explosive team,” Alice coach Kyle Atwood said. “They have some backs that are really good, so it was important to try and get the momentum early and get on top of them and put them in a situation where they need to throw the ball, which is something that they don’t do as well.”

The Coyotes went on to score 36 points through the next two quarters on their way to a lobe-sided 48-27 victory in the District 30-5A InterZone playoff game. The win sends the Coyotes to the Class 5A state playoffs where they’ll take on District 29-5A’s Floresville. The bi-district playoff game is set for 8 p.m. Friday at Memorial Stadium.

Floresville finished 29-5A in second place after losing to Southside, 36-28, Friday night.

After hitting the fake field goal play for a touchdown, the Coyotes were able to gain some stability in what ended up being a productive night offensively. The Coyotes totaled 446 yards of total offense, including 373 passing yards.

Quarterback Trey Jaramillo competed nine of 17 passes for 291 yards. Back-up Devyn Orta filled in at quarterback in the fourth quarter and completed two of three for 65 yards.

Receiver Orlando Espinoza caught four passes for 198 yards and three touchdown passes. Espinoza had touchdown passes of 78, 41 and 61 yards.

The Coyotes maintained a 6-0 lead through the first quarter and then opened things up in the second.

They started an air assault in their first possession with back-to-back passes to A.J. Moreno and Galvan. That softened the Trojans' defense and left Galvan open in the middle for a 20-yard scoring pass.

Defensively, Alice’s dominated the Trojans in the first half. They allowed only four first downs in the first half.

Their first stop in the second quarter opened the way to another Alice score. Jaramillo connected with Orta for a big gainer to set up a nine-yard scoring run by Ismael Cantu with 6:46 left before halftime.

The Coyotes scored again on Espinoza’s longest reception of the night, a 78-yard pass with 3:57 left in the second.

D’Andre Cage scored for the Trojans as the first half came to an end. He scored on a 12-yard run with only 37 seconds left in the half.

However, any momentum the Trojans hoped to gain from the score was squashed by Alice, which scored twice in the third quarter on a 41-yard pass to Espinoza and a three-yard run by Robert Montalvo.

“It’s always good to get a team off their gameplan,” Espinoza said. “It was good to knock them off of their gameplan and get the momentum on our side.”

Moody scored 20 points in the fourth quarter off Alice’s back-ups and two turnovers.

After the Trojans scored three times in the fourth, the Coyotes put Espinoza back in and he scored on a 61-yard reception on his first play in off a throw from Orta.