Following what it believes is a trend in sports broadcasting, the company responsible for airing Alice High School sports, including Coyote football games, have taken their programming completely online.

BMJ Communications, which was awarded Alice’s broadcasting rights this summer, is airing Coyote sporting events online at The first online broadcast of the season was Alice’s season opener against Laredo Alexander Friday.

BMJ Communications owner Bobby Pena said while Alice sporting events have been online before, broadcasting them regularly online is what most programs are moving to.

“It’s just the new way,” Pena said. “If you look at high schools and college sports, everyone is going online nowadays. You don’t see a lot of high schools and college sports on the radio anymore. It’s all going online.”

Pena said online broadcasts can be accessed from anywhere with internet access, unlike radio broadcasts which are limited by antennas and radio signals.

Access to is free. Moreover, the website archives broadcasts, which means at any time, previous broadcasts can be accessed. A direct link to each Friday's broadcast can be found on the BMJ Communications Facebook.

Pena said he understands the change may be uncomfortable for some.

“Some people may be disappointed that the games are no longer carried on the radio, but we tried to make a deal (with KOPY) and it just didn’t happen,” he said. “It’ll take some time to get used to, but all changes do.”

After football season, BMJ Communications will carry Alice baseball, softball and baseball games.

Pena broadcasted Alice games while working for and then leasing radio station KOPY. When he didn’t renew his radio lease earlier this year, he pursued carrying games online.

KOPY had a bid for Alice’s broadcasting rights this summer, but wasn’t awarded the rights. This fall, the Alice radio station is broadcasting Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco football.