Alice High School’s newly appointed girls athletic coordinator is making some immediate changes which she hopes will make the Lady Coyotes athletic program more competitive in every sport.

Amanda Gonzalez, a longtime Alice coach who has overseen the Lady Coyote basketball team for the last two seasons, was recently named the school’s girls athletic coordinator. She’ll continue to head the girls basketball team, but she will also be in charge of all girls athletics at the high school and William Adams Middle School.

Gonzalez said her plans include changing the program’s overall approach to each individual sport. For several years, all female athletes attended one athletics class, regardless of the sports they played. They also followed a basic overall workout and conditioning routine, which meant that unless their sport was in season, the girls were following a general routine of running or lifting weights.

“That meant that our basketball girls weren't even touching basketballs in class until the start of the season,” Gonzalez said. “Our softball girls weren't throwing or hitting in class until the season began.”

Under the new system, each coach is responsible for their daily routine through the offseason and through their actual season. Gonzalez said the hope is that Alice’s female athletes will become better prepared by working on their sports throughout the offseason.

“We’re going to make coaches accountable for their sports from Day 1,” she said. “If they want to work on skills throughout the offseason, then they’ll be able to. We just want to get things going in the right direction.”

Alice athletic director Kyle Atwood named Gonzalez as the program’s girls athletic coordinator in May. Atwood was a coach in Alice under former athletic director Brent Davis when Gonzalez began her career here.

“Coach Davis and (former girls athletic coordinator) Tracy Zamora thought a lot of coach Gonzalez when they hired her and she’s done well here since then,” Atwood said. “That means a lot to me. I think the girls program is going to continue to improve. Coach Gonzalez is a great leader for our female staff and girls as well.”

The setup Gonzalez is implementing is like the one used when Davis and Zamora were at the high school. Atwood said it worked well then, so he expects it to serve Alice well again.

“At the time, our girls program was extremely successful in multiple sports, not just basketball,” Atwood said. “Coach Gonzalez has a lot of the same coaching philosophies I have, and I think you’ll see that reflected in our girls program. I’m exciting for our girls. I think they’ll do a great job.”

Gonzalez is a Corpus Christi native and a graduate of Ray High School and the University of Texas in San Antonio. She’s spent 10 years in Alice and has worked at Memorial Intermediate School, William Adams Middle School before coming up to the high school.