The big group of boys running around the Alice High School practice fields Tuesday was seemingly full of energy on the first day of the Coyote Football Camp.

Then, they met Alice coach Kyle Atwood and his coaching staff who then gave the boys a glimpse of what it’s like to be in the Coyote football program.

The group worked on everything from the basics of stretching and proper weightlifting to speed and quickness drills to learning individual offensive and defensive positions.

Altogether, it was enough to leave the young group spent.

“We try and get after them in camp,” Atwood said with a laugh.

“We let them see exactly what we do. It’s good for the kids to see what it’s like in our program. At the same time, the camp is good for the parents. The kids get such a good workout that they usually head straight to bed when they get home.”

However, the camp, which included second to sixth graders, was for more than challenging the boys physically. It offered coaches the opportunity to develop a rapport with the youngsters and begin to build a foundation to build on for years to come, which is an assist when developing a successful high school football program.

“If you look at all of the great programs in state of Texas… Southlake Carroll, San Angelo Central, Westlake, Lake Travis — the one thing they all have in common is that they were built from the ground up,” Atwood said. “Their youth football kids run their same offense and defense. When they get to middle school, they continue to improve and add a few things. When they become freshmen, they continue to improve and add a few things. They get to where they completely understand the terminology and philosophies. That’s part of the reason that they’re so successful.”

There’s another football camp geared toward incoming seventh, eighth and freshmen which is planned for mid-July.