In trying to explain the “air raid” drill to come of the middle school-aged boys at the  Alice Coyote Summer Football Camp, coach Justen Evans playfully decided on a more hands-on approach to things.

“Us coaches against you guys!” Evans told the group of boys.

The boys were of course willing and ready.

“Air raid” is a fast-paced passing game meant to teach the up-tempo pace of Alice’s new offense. A few plays in, the team of Alice High School coaches his pay-dirt with a scoring pass to Evans, who was draped by young defenders.

It was a light moment is an otherwise morning-full of learning. The camp included 170 youngsters ranging in age from elementary-aged boys to incoming freshmen.

“We want them to get to know our names and faces and we want to let them know that we’ll be following them from elementary to high school and working with them,” he said. “We want them to know who we are and what it is to be an Alice Coyote.”

The camp concludes Wednesday.