Alice High School volleyball coach Cynthia Wareham has seen it many times before. Young girls come into a volleyball program at the junior high or middle school level having never played the sport before.

The inexperience and lack of exposure to the game shows on the court and the girls spend the years just learning the basics instead of improving their skills.

That’s why clinics like the 2016 Youth Volleyball Clinic at Alice High School and other youth leagues which expose the girls to volleyball are so important, Wareham said.  

“Girls get to the junior high and they thinks it’s all about hitting the ball,” she said. “They don’t know about the fundamentals like passing and setting, spiking and serving. They don’t know about the whole process before hitting a ball of having a pass and someone setting up before you actually hit it.”

The clinic for third graders to incoming freshmen drew 92 youngsters.

Wareham, who recently took over the Alice program, said the clinic is a perfect way to introduce young players to the sport.

“There’s a lot of interest in volleyball here in Alice,” she said. “Hopefully, the clinic brings some more awareness to the kids who are interested.”

The clinic began Monday and concluded Tuesday with a scrimmage.