San Diego took only three lifters to the Texas High School Powerlifting Association State Championship in Abilene, but with each one pulling their weight, the school’s trophy case became a little more crowded.

Behind gold medal performances by Javier Rodriguez and Jose Moreno, San Diego won the Division 3 team championship.

Rodriguez, who set a string of records at the regional meet, won the 165-pound weight class with a 1,335-pound total. Rodriguez had a 555-pound squat, a bench press of 315 and a deadlift of 465. Teammate Leonel Salinas added to San Diego’s point total by placing fourth in the same weight class with a 1,285-pound total.

San Diego’s Jose Moreno won the 220-pound weight class with a 1,655-pound total. He had a 665-pound squat, a bench press of 350 pounds and a deadlift of 640.

For San Diego’s storied powerlifting program, it’s the school’s fifth team state championship. The San Diego girls won state championships in 2007 and 2010. San Diego’s boys then won state titles in 2012 and 2013.

Freer’s Estevan Galvan also medaled in the Division 3 meet. Galvan placed second in the 148-pound weight class with a 1,255-pound total. His deadlift of 520 pounds was the heaviest in his weight class. It helped him secure the silver medal.

Orange Grove lifter Jose Soliz was third in the Division 2 242-pound weight class. Soliz totaled 1,600 pounds.

The following are the results for the area’s lifters at the THSPA State Championship Saturday in Abilene:

Divison 1
114-pound weight class — 1, L.A. Gonzalez, Alice, 425 squat, 215 bench press, 395 deadlift, 1,035 total.

148-pound weight class — 7, Alex Gonzalez, Alice, 540 squat, 255 bench press, 505 deadlift, 1,300 total. 9, Oscar Camarillo, Alice, 520 squat,    285 bench press, 460 deadlift, 1,265 total.

Division 2
242-pound weight class — 3, Jose Soliz, Orange Grove, 660 squat, 455 bench press, 545 deadlift, 1,660 total.

Division 3
123-pound weight class — 5, Anthony Perez, Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco, 340 squat, 235 bench press, 405 deadlift, 980 total.

148-pound weight class — 2, Estevan Galvan, Freer, 475 squat, 260 bench press, 520 deadlift, 1,255 total.

165-pound weight class — 1, Javier Rodriguez, San Diego, 555 squat, 315 bench press, 465 deadlift, 1,335 total. 4, Leonel Salinas, San Diego, 550 squat, 280 bench press, 455 deadlift, 1,285 total.

220-pound weight class — 1,  Jose Moreno, San Diego, 665 squat, 350 bench press, 640 deadlift, 1,655 total.