SINTON — Pirate baseball legend and former University of Texas ace Adrian Alaniz had a triumphant return to the Sinton baseball program as their head coach in their season opener Monday, and it came at the expense of the Alice Coyotes.

Playing in Texas high school baseball's opening day, the Pirates took advantage of a handful of errors to beat the Coyotes, 8-2.

Alice committed errors in the bottom of the first and the bottom of the sixth innings to give Sinton all of the opening it needed to build a healthy lead. Errors led to Pirates runs in both innings.

In the bottom of the sixth, Alice trailed 3-2 before Sinton exploded for five runs.

"It was one of those games where if we make a play here and there, then maybe they wouldn't have scored," Alice baseball coach Rene Silva said. "It was a tough game. We played well, but we just had too many errors on defense."

Alice senior Zack Martinez started the game and was tagged with the loss. Manuel Garcia led Alice at the plate.

Alice is playing again next Thursday in the Mira's Baseball Classic in Corpus Christi. The Coyotes are guaranteed four games in the tournament. Ironically, two of those games are against Sinton. Alice also has tournament games against John Paul II and Banquete.