SAN DIEGO — It’s official… well at least according to a website for an online drivers ed course.

San Diego High School has one of the best mascots in the state of Texas. Out of 3,709 schools in Texas, the Vaqueros made the’s list of the 30 best high school mascots. According to the list, the Vaqueros are No. 15.

On the listing it states: “Yet another name for cowboy that's native to the region. Vaquero just sounds better, doesn't it? With Texas having one of the largest Spanish-speaking populations in the country, it's surprising that more schools don't adopt mascots by Spanish names. Vamos Vaqueros!”

San Diego’s mascot is definitely unique and a farcry from the norm and overused mascots like Eagles and Bulldogs. According to MaxPreps, there are 151 schools in Texas who are called the Eagles and 101 Bulldogs.

Where Aceable’s list fails is in the short video clip of “a vaquero” which is a clip of Oscar-nominated actor Leonardo DiCaprio from the Western movie “The Quick and the Dead.” Great movie, but hardly a vaquero.

Still, with its mascot, San Diego is on the same list with the Hockaday School Daisies, the New Brainfels High School Unicorns, Grandview Zebras and others. The No. 1 mascot on the list are the Hutto High School Hippos.

Aceable offers an online drivers education course. They ranked the mascots because of their own mascot, Ace — a “snarky” cartoon robot who guides students through the website and the course. Aceable states that their ranking is based on originality, creatively and historical meaning.